Tsai Center For Innovative Thinking at Yale

I’m currently mentoring students engaged in projects at the intersection of Narratives, Storytelling, and Innovation.

Here at the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (CITY), our mission is to inspire and support students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to seek innovative ways to address real-world problems. Launched in 2017, CITY serves students from across Yale’s campus through programs, funding, and mentorship. We’re building a new kind of innovation center, one rooted in radical inclusivity: here, students from all backgrounds tackle issues like climate change and civic engagement, develop creative projects from documentary films to digital platforms, and launch high-growth ventures and movements.



YALEWOMEN, “Career Transitions”

Selected as one of four featured Yale women, speaking on the topic of career reinvention.



“Women, Technology & Voice”

Sponsored by Local, I have led women through my signature WTV workshop to help them take their Narratives and Storytelling to the next level. This is an annual event which for two years has sold out to the women in tech community within hours.

Past sponsors:




GREATER Foundation

Currently serving as a Mentor for GREATER Foundation’s mission, “changing lives through SPORTSMANSHIP, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, and TECHNOLOGY”.

The Greater Foundation is aimed at redefining education so that all students from all backgrounds are equipped for 21st-century opportunities. We believe the answer to many problems in the world today can be solve by creating a deeper roster of leaders who are willing to serve their community.

Through exposure, access, and education in technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship and the continued support of neighborhood partnerships, Greater wishes to break the cycle of at-risk youth and create a new class of citizens who rise above their circumstances with a personal responsibility to their community and the world.